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Every person on this planet has roots in Africa, and so does our culture in brewing. The earliest traces of beer and other fermented drinks were found throughout the eastern hemisphere and popularized in countries like Egypt and Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq). Beer is enjoyed throughout the world, but we tend to forget the origins of this brewing culture that we hold so dear. Throughout history we have seen resources and knowledge extracted from places like Africa without the appropriate credits or benefits being delineated. At Earth Tap Brewing, we use this as an example to remind us to highlight all of our partners and resources, with the goal of building a root-like network of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers that will bear fruit so that everyone can eat… or drink. CHEERS.



Earth Tap Brewing Company is a black-owned brewery that services the D.C., Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area.

Founded by Ronald Hodges in 2018. Earth Tap’s goal is to introduce the wonderful culture of craft beer to communities, which have otherwise, not had any exposure to the lifestyle.

Earth Tap Brewing produces a variety of crafts ranging from easy to drink ciders and sessions, to fun and complex brews for our brave beer adventurers in. We are in the start-up phase - purchasing merchandise helps us raise the capital needed to get our beer to your glass sooner!

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